Old People’s Home for Four-Year-Olds: Christmas

Few TV shows in 2018 left cockles as thoroughly warmed as Old People’s Home for Four-Year-Olds, in which a bunch of preschoolers were paired with the residents of a Nottingham retirement village, with eye-moistening results.

This festive special captured the emotional moment when the two groups were reunited for Christmas, with the kids literally running back into the arms of their new playmates (though, in fact, many of the inter-generational friendships had continued in the intervening months).

Among the most touching bonds is that between Beryl, an 86-year-old widow, and Scarlett, who lost her mum to cancer a year ago. Since the original experiment, the pair have become as thick as thieves, and Scarlett knew exactly what she wanted to give Beryl for Christmas: ’A golden bracelet and golden necklace with a love heart on it’.

Widower Ken, 87, spoke movingly of the ‘empty space’ left when the children had departed six months earlier. Like many older people, Ken finds this time of year a struggle – watching home movie reels of Christmas Day 1964, he said: ‘If I had a wish, I would go back to that Christmas’. But a trip to the toyshop to buy presents for the kids ended with him and pal Fred goofing around in giant animal heads and laughing themselves silly playing Pie Face.

Dunkirk veteran Victor, 97, was a singer who met his late wife Marjorie at a Christmas dance. When the music stopped, they found themselves under the mistletoe, kissed – and were together for the next 66 years. He’d also found Christmas difficult in recent years, but meeting the children had made it ‘something new again’.

At the end, everyone got dressed up for a Christmas party, where all the kids responded to a performance by special guest Alfie Boe by jamming their fingers in their ears. (Everyone’s a critic these days.) As Britain’s bestselling tenor dissolved into laughter, it was left to Victor to steal the show with White Christmas.

And then it really was a white Christmas, as young and old went out to play together in the snow. That look on the residents’ faces? Comfort and joy.

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Published in Waitrose Weekend, December 13, 2018

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